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The multisectoral approach of Fandis
Fandis provides high technological value solutions for screening systems and temperature control/management in various fields of application, thanks to consistent technological assets and specific technical and product expertise capitalised in years of valuable experience.
Not just continuity

Fandis is present in the power electronics market, particularly in the field of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), inverters and energy control with cooling systems to protect the electronic components of computer and industrial installations, which are particularly sensitive to thermal fluctuations.

Industrial automation
Within the cabinet

In control panels for automation of production systems and/or industrial machines, Fandis solutions represent a choice of dependable equipment to preserve optimal operating conditions. The devices and accessories developed for use in the control panels meet requirements for aeration, control and temperature regulation.

The engine of the system

Control panels are a prerogative for Fandis. They channel the electricity essential to the running of an entire production activity. Fandis contributes to the operational safety and reliability of electrical systems, providing components that regulate the ventilation of medium and low voltage power equipment for energy distribution.


Fireplaces and stoves are an increasingly popular choice of economical and natural heating, as well as being aesthetically pleasing furnishing choices. The installation of fans and/or extractors enables heat propagation, warming environments more quickly and evenly, and reducing pollution from the fumes. Fandis solutions answer both these needs.

Conservation through cooling

Fandis know the cold sector and can meet the ventilation needs of professional and hospitality refrigeration equipment, offering solutions that ensure perfect air circulation and product storage, oriented towards energy efficiency.

Air quality

Climate comfort and air quality are basic requirements for the use of spaces. Fandis ventilation systems satisfy the various requirements of air conditioning, treatment and purification in commercial and industrial environments, where temperature and humidity control, filtration standards and removal of contaminants are ineluctable factors.

State of the art cooking

For experts in the field of gastronomy, pastry making and baking, cooking at the highest levels is an essential requirement. Ventilation, therefore, plays a fundamental role in professional cooking systems, as it enables the efficient distribution of hot air and prevents overheating of the electronic control system. Fandis boasts a vast product offering.

Machine tools
On board equipment

In the mechanical sector, control panels for high precision machine tools require careful selection of components and correct sizing to ensure a reliable and durable product. Fandis solutions ensure optimal operating temperature management of the panels on board machines.

Other markets
Pushing beyond

On the strength of deep technical expertise in its fields of operation, Fandis broadens the horizons of its business, exploring market niches suitable for the application of its products. Fandis solutions are in demand in the automotive, dental, cosmetics and welding sectors, to mention a few.

Window Coverings
Comfort and Safety

Screen systems are an essential element for protection against insects and promote good ventilation of interior environments. An in-depth knowledge of the market allows Fandis to develop Italian-made quality insect screens and develop solutions for the safety of retractable systems.



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