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    Conflict minerals

    In July 2010, President Obama signed into law H.R. 4173, the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Section 1502 of that act imposes reporting requirements on manufacturers of products that contain metals deriving from minerals originating in the Democratic Republic of Congo or an adjoining country. These “conflict minerals” include columbite-tantalite (coltan, niobium, and tantalum), cassiterite (tin), gold, wolframite (tungsten), their derivatives, and any others so designated by the U.S. Secretary of State.

    This “conflict mineral” legislation will require manufacturing companies and all their customers and subsidiary companies to report annually to the SEC on whether their products contain “conflict minerals.” It may also require companies to conduct a due diligence investigation to determine whether “conflict minerals” are used and an independent, third-party audit with regard to the existence of “conflict minerals” in products they supply.

    Fandis S.p.a. complies with all National and EU Law and Regulation. Always been sensitive to the respect of human rights, health and environment, Fandis has engaged to select their suppliers and, in general, partners for a long time, helping them to apply the CM free in order to put itself as guarantor to its customers in respect of Human values and rejecting any action about exploitation labor.

    The actions we are currently taking to help our customers obtain the information they need include:

    • Determining which of our parts/assemblies incorporate one or more “conflict minerals” or their derivatives;

    • Mapping our supply chains associated with the parts/assemblies in question;

    • Working with our suppliers to identify the smelters used to process the “conflict minerals” in our supply chain or validate the origin of “conflict minerals” as recycled or scrap material.

    Fandis intends to conform to the law in question through systematic pursuit of the activities listed above, adding actions for assessing and monitoring suppliers to the company’s quality management system in order to comply with the “conflict-free” requirement in all the company’s products and processes.

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