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Technology takes shape

Fandis adds value to its offer thanks to the strategic choice of developing the know-how it has amassed over years of production activities and extending its project management expertise outwith its traditional sectors in order to offer customers bespoke solutions in different areas of application.

It is the intention of Fandis to offer its customers a results-oriented collaboration by designing and industrializing projects with a rapid market response time using modern processing and molding techniques for thermoplastic and thermosetting materials.

Curtains for buses

Braking system for roll-up blinds. Thanks to a device mounted within the tube to slow down the movement of the blinds, they close slowly without the need for manual intervention.

Drinking water dispenser

Peltier cooling system to provide refrigerated water in domestic dispensers.

Display case for hotels

Refrigerated display case in transparent glass resting on a wooden surface, to replace the traditional minibar. The refrigerating system, which is hidden from sight, is made up of an air-air thermoelectric unit that allows the conservation of food and drinks.

Drawer for helicopters

Refrigerated drawer with an air-air thermoelectric unit


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