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Automation & Electronics
For particularly hostile applications typical of industrial environments, Fandis offers a range of products for thermal control and electrical control panel ventilation, supporting the customer in the choice of technically valid and targeted solutions.

Fandis offers a variety of solutions to satisfy specific requirements relating to enclosures:

Ventilation systems

Fandis resolves the different issues related to the handling and filtering of air in enclosures through its offer of filters, exhaust roof fans, frame fans, cross flow fans and external rotor fans. Correct ventilation allows an effective cooling of electrical and electronic equipment because it removes heat loads and restores optimal operating conditions.

Climate control systems

To dehumidify the air within an enclosure and avoid the stagnation of humidity as a result of limited hear transfer, Fandis provides compressor air-conditioners or thermoelectric units based on the principle of Peltier heat pumps, and anticondensation heaters for the management of the temperature of industrial and domestic equipment.

Control systems

In terms of mechanical devices for the control of temperature and humidity, Fandis offers thermostats and humidistats, that help to maintain ideal climatic conditions within the electrical panel, since these are able to manage heating equipment, filter units, air-conditioners and heat exchangers.

Electro-technical systems

The Fandis offer includes fluorescent or energy-efficient (Led) lamps for maintenance interventions or the fine tuning of enclosures, and signal devices for the safety of automated processes.

Some applications:





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